After more than 10 years and $15 million of my own money spent testing
lead generation and client attraction strategies, I’m finally ready to reveal…

The Last Lead-Generation, Client-Attraction Workshop You’ll Ever Attend... Because I'll Show You How To NEVER Run Out Of Leads Again!

Begins Live, Aug 28 @ 10am PST:

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If your business relies on a constant flow of new leads…

… but you’re tired of spending painful hours shooting Facebook lives, creating Youtube videos, or writing articles that get “views” but no leads… 

Or you’re fed-up with harassing people on LinkedIn, commenting endlessly on strangers’ posts on social media trying to get people to “like,” “follow,” or “connect” with you but you’re still not getting enough booked calls or appointments…

Or you no longer want to feel "needy" or "desperate" begging clients for referrals or waiting for referrals to come to you…

And you want to replace ineffective marketing with a wholly reliable source of new leads, clients and income that flow to you automatically…

You’re invited to attend my brand new workshop for business owners who sell high ticket products or services
The only place on the internet where you’ll discover how to attract Endless Leads.

Limited To Just 100 Attendees – I'll Show You The Exact 
Strategy I'm Using To Generate Endless Leads 
Predictably, Consistently, And Profitably

With my Endless Leads methodology you can...

  • Tap into a consistent flow of new clients, customer or patients who are ready and waiting for a product or service like yours
  • Create ads your ideal clients find impossible to ignore because your message speaks directly to their pain-points or goals and triggers an immediate response
  • Walk prospects gently through your sales funnel so they take the next step in YOUR sales process instead of your competitors – without resistance or feeling pressured
  • Bring in new clients at break-even or a profit because every dollar you spend on advertising pays for itself many times over… so you can keep running ads without ever running out of money
And you can do it all without paying $5K to $10K a month to marketing agencies who don’t understand your business and who get paid regardless of whether they produce results or not (often they don’t)...

I’ll Even Show You Examples Of My Own Campaigns 
That Are Generating 1,000s Of Leads A Day
At A Profit Right Now…

Most people implement better when they see real-life examples of the strategies being presented.

That’s why I’m going to reveal complete examples of campaigns I’m personally using to generate endless leads and HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in sales for my own brands.

I’ll break each campaign down. Explain why they work. Discuss ways you can model these campaigns to produce endless leads for your business, product, or service.

Once you see these examples you’ll instantly know how to implement the strategies in your business.

I’ve Never Shared My Endless Leads Strategy 
Outside My Private Group Of High-Paying Clients.

But At This One-Time Event, I’ll Share Everything With You. 
Nothing Held Back.

If you want more leads and clients, register now to avoid missing out.


Aug 28th,
10 am to 2 pm Pacific time


TEndless Leads LIVE  is STREAMED LIVE 

I Spent $15 Million of My Own Money Testing And
Developing My Endless Leads Strategy. 

Here’s Why You Should Listen To My Lead Generation Advice
My name is Dan Lok.

And 15 years ago I realized that without an endless flow of fresh leads I would NEVER scale my business to the size and income I wanted.

I knew I couldn’t rely on free traffic from social media or other organic sources if I wanted predictable, consistent and scalable income.

That’s why I was willing to invest over $15 million of my own money on paid advertising.

The problem is, most people – even most agencies – can’t make a profit from paid ads on a consistent, predictable basis.

I should know because I hired consultants who specialize in lead generation. I spent 7-figures hiring agencies. I hired media buyers, copywriters, marketing experts and designers...

I attended events where other successful marketers were speaking. I took courses. Read every book on lead generation I could find…

I found many of these people and courses had SOME of the pieces of the puzzle for filling my business with new leads and clients…

But NOTHING worked consistently in EVERY market condition. So…

I fired my agency (I actually fired several). I Ignored what most of the “experts” were telling me. 

And went all in with my own marketing experiments.

At One Point I Was Spending Over $100,000
A Month On Paid Advertising!

And after sifting through the results of hundreds of campaigns…

I hit on a strategy that delivers all the new leads I want from cold traffic.

I call my strategy the Endless Leads Strategy…

Because that’s what it does - it gives you an endless flow of new leads.

And once I figured it out, I scaled multiple businesses to $10+ million a year (for a combined $100+ MILLION in sales) … and I've since coached 100’s of clients to do the same.

My Endless Leads Live Workshop Shows You How To Start
With A Small “Test Budget” Of Around $30 A Day… 

And Generate Enough Leads To Make A 6 Or 7 Figure
Monthly Income

…Virtually Eliminates Every Marketing Pain-Point in Your High-Ticket Business By
Replacing Ineffective Marketing With A Consistent  Flow of High Quality Leads…

Here’s how it works…

Let’s say you have a product or service valued at $5,000. And let’s say it takes 10 booked calls to make one $5,000 sale…

If it costs $30 to generate 1 booked call using paid ads… 10 booked calls will cost $300 and you’ll land one client worth $5,000.

Which means after subtracting our $300 ad cost, you make $4,700.

In other words…

You can "buy" $4,700 clients at a cost of just $300 each!

We call this $300 our “client acquisition cost.” Because every time you spend $300 you “acquire” a new client.

So let me ask you, if you could "buy" $4,700 clients – and they only cost you $300 per client – how many clients would you want to buy?

Probably a lot, right? But here’s the tricky part…

Getting A Marketing Campaign To Consistently Produce $4,700 Gross Profit Every Time You Spend $300 Is Not Easy...

This is why most high ticket businesses fail to scale. And it’s not their fault.

Because the fact is, most campaigns don’t work the first time your ads go live. I’ve seen business owners lose $20k-30k before their ads start to generate leads or make any sales... 

Or… they run an ad campaign and get lucky. Their ads generate leads and… they make a profit the first time out of the gate. But when they repeat the campaign… or go from spending $30 a day to $300 a day… the campaign flops.

The Endless Leads strategy overcomes this problem, because...

My Endless Leads Method Uses A Combination Of Machine Learning And Algorithms To Drive Down Your Ad Costs And Produce Leads And Sales At A Profit

It’s true. 

My Endless Leads strategy doesn’t rely on guesswork… but a proven system for building a warm audience of people who want to buy from you.

And then we take the warm audience, and walk them through an automated sales funnel that turns “lookers” into "buyers".

With my endless leads strategy… you can predict the number of leads and clients you’ll generate next week, next month, and next year…

…so you can go from spending $300 a week and making $4,700 in sales… to spending $3,000 a week to make $47,000 in sales!

This is how you scale your business to 6 or 7-figure months starting with an ad budget of around $30 a day.

There’s a little more to it than that – which is why I require a 4 hour workshop to share my Endless Leads Strategy with you…

But the bottom line is this: 

With Endless Leads you can scale your business and create predictable, consistent growth and profit because your advertising creates more revenue than it costs in ad spend.

Here’s What Some Of My Clients Are Saying About The Results From My Endless Leads Strategy…

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Attend

I’m going to lay out my complete strategy for attracting endless leads so you can scale your growth.

For example, you’ll discover:
  • The Endless Lead Strategy - the ONLY strategy that consistently and predictably delivers profitable leads for a high ticket business
  • How to run ads even if you don’t have any money. (Easily gain access to “free money” to spend on your ad campaign. Money you only pay back once your campaign is profitable)
  • The 3 types of traffic you MUST have if you sell products or service valued above $1,000 - and how to get maximum leads from each one
  • How to make ANY campaign profitable. Explains why wealthy business owners don’t think about sales. And what they think about instead. This single shift unlocks your inner marketing genius. 
  • How to scale your ad account so you make money every time you spend money (at this point your marketing starts to work like a money machine - put a little in, get a LOT out)
  • How to use paid ads to get people to buy faster - especially important if you have a long sales cycle with multiple steps over several weeks or sell a product valued over $10,000
  • The 5 Types of ad campaigns that can scale your business to 6 and 7-figure months without worrying about an ad budget
  • Dozens of examples you can model for your own business. I’ll break each campaign down. Explain why they work. Discuss ways you can model these campaigns to produce endless leads for your business, product, or service
  • And much more…

Plus, You’ll Get These Never-Released Bonuses 
to Help You Scale Your Ads

Bonus 1: 8-Figure Video Ads Framework

(Value $300.00)

After spending over $16+ million dollars on paid ads, we’ve done some extensive testing on what works and what doesn’t.

For ad creative, we’ve tested social boosts, image ads, video ads, blog post ads and more.

Out of all the types of creatives, the one that warms cold audiences faster are: video ads.

The problem is, most business owners don’t know what to say when the camera is on.

They focus on the wrong things like reusing their organic posts on ads or fancy production equipment or having this Hollywood-like production value.

That’s not the key…

After publishing and testing over 3,152 various video ads myself, I’ve been able to distill what I learned in an easy-to-follow framework you can use.

My 8-Figure Video Ads Framework can solve questions like:

  • What to say in the first 5 seconds of a video so people stop scrolling.
  • How to make them curious, without giving the farm away.
  • What call to action converts better?
  • How to make 9 variations out of 1 ad without spending more time recording.
  • What to talk about on the ad and what to keep for the landing page.
  • How to maximize the distribution of your ads using all placements.
  • And much more.

If you haven’t faced these questions yet, I promise you they will come up.

But don’t worry, Endless Leads Live has got you covered.

After you attend the event, you will be getting my 8 figures Video Ads Framework for FREE as a bonus.

This is the framework I personally use every week to shoot my video ads and now it can be used.

Note: This is an exclusive bonus for those who attend Endless Leads Live. You will be granted access to this bonus after the event.

Bonus 2: Ads Optimization Cheat Sheet 

(Value $200.00)

Have you ever been in a situation where you invested in running paid ads and you didn’t get the results you wanted?

Growing business owners face this situation all the time. 

Some end up giving up on ads, some others hire expensive Ad Agencies that after a few months of ‘honeymoon’ period, leave them with a bunch of broken promises and not much to show for it.

See, the problem with running ads is not launching them.

That’s easy.

The problem is making them viable for you.

Optimizing them in a way to make it dirt-cheap to get leads and clients that flood your pipeline with opportunities.

That’s where ALL the profit is.

But to optimize your ads you need to be able to make decisions like:

  • When to cut off an ad that is sucking up all the budget and when to let it run a bit longer to see if it needs more learning time?
  • What is the optimal A/B test to make on your sales page that will move the needle the most?
  • When to change the copy on the page vs. creating a new offer completely?
  • What channels and platforms work best for each type of ad?
  • What’s an acceptable Click-through rate, Opt-in rate, Conversion rate for paid ads?
  • And so much more.

That’s why I created the Ads Optimization Cheatsheet.

If you’ve run ads in the past but didn’t get the results you wanted, then this cheatsheet will make optimizing your ads a breeze.

And if you have never run an ad, this will drastically shorten your time to hit a winner.

No more guessing.

Simply read the data and use the Ads Optimization Cheatsheet to make the right decisions.

Note: This is another exclusive bonus for those who attend Endless Leads Live. It’s very important you attend the event live to understand how to implement these advanced optimization strategies.

Just One New Client Generated From This Strategy 
More Than Covers Your Cost To Attend Endless Leads Live
Many Times Over

I command fees as high as $25,000 a day to coach private clients.

If you hired me to teach you this strategy personally you’d pay at least $5,000 for an hour of my time.
And it’d be worth every cent. Because for many businesses, just one new client gained as a result of my Endless Leads strategy more than covers any fees paid to me.

But you won’t pay $25,000 or even $5,000.

When you attend Endless Leads Live I’ll lay out the complete strategy for getting endless leads for a tiny fraction of my normal fee.

In fact, you’ll spend 4 hours with me on Zoom at Endless Leads Live for just $17.

Tickets Are Selling Fast Because Of The High-Demand For This Type Of Lead Generation Knowledge... 

So Register Now To Discover The Easiest,
Most Cost Effective Way To Get Endless Leads And
New Clients Through Paid Advertising...

  • ​Live Stream Access to all 4hrs of Endless Leads LIVE with Dan Lok.
  • ​The Endless Lead Strategy to consistently and predictably deliver profitable leads for a high ticket business
  • ​How to run ads even if you don’t have any money
  • ​The 5 Types of ad campaigns that can scale your business to 6 and 7-figure months
  • ​​Dozens of real life campaigns you can model for your own business
  • ​LIMITED to 100 Business Owners

Answers to Questions You May Have Before Attending 
The Endless Leads Live Workshop…

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